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The central aim has been to bring elected women representatives into the center state of local governance and development processes to place their respective concersn at the centre of village, taluka, district level planning, budgeting, etc. although with the reservation of women the visibility of socially marginalized sections of the society in the elected local bodies has improved, whether these groups are effective in voicing their own interests remain to be seen. Caste and class issues definitely play a major factor in determining position access and decision-making ability. It is clear that decentralization process has provided representation, but representation does not necessarily mean participation. It was seen often EWRs act as proxy for men’s views. After several years it is big challenge for women to function in formal spaces, dominated, as they are by 

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With the support of Centre For Catelizing Change , Lok Madhyam has made EWR champion at 200 gram panchayat of Mashaurhi and Paliganj blocks , Patna, through their training on their roles and responsibilities on health and Panchayat Raj , so that they can ensure better health services at their Panchayat/ Wards , so that MMR and IMR can be minimized . For effective communication skills and leadership , following activities has been conducted for EWR

Experience of Education / Literacy

The Organization organized a literacy awareness workshop on issue The Role Of Self  Help Group on Children literacy particularly to challenged and dalit children on 14th Oct. 2014 at Primary School Nadaul , Masaurhi, Patna . The resource person sensitized the parents and community on education to  deprived non school going, socially challenged and poor children, illeterate women members and old age male and female   . SHG leaders , CBO leaders, PRI members and community Stakeholders participated in the workshop . SHG leaders focused on developing reading and writing competency among children and elders. They also decided that they will follow up the children education in their periphery . The also have decided to include children education in their meeting agenda . They also emphasised on including joyful and scientific methodology of education i.e. street play, Games, quiz, panting- drawing, cultural activity etc. along with practice of blackboard pen and copy in the schools. They decided to cheque this in schools and suggested for equal importance  on psychological growth and character building of children.

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