From the secretary Desk

Parmila kumari

Lok Madhyam, (Social Organisation) for the public dissemination that aims at ensuring a socially and politically educated, egalitarian and non-exploitative society for women. We have been dedicated/ sincere ourselves for the best of our efforts in process of intervention for balanced mix of services, social action, mobilization and sustainable development programs amongst the deprived section of the society. we worked with our target groups/ the deprived sections of the society- women, child labour, deprived families, scheduled caste, schedule tribes, disable children, persons, senior citizen and other destitute in our operational areas- in the village of Patna,jehanabad, Jamui district of Bihar. The awareness generation amongst the target groups remained the first step of intervention in which the prime focus was laid to accessibility of basic need/right and entitlement with disable, women and adolescent, livelihood, economic freedom with women, appropriate technology innovations. Besides in capacity building and social action process we had training seminars/ workshop triggering up exercises for people with support of mobilization for women members/federation of SHGs, staffs, and members, of organisation. Working at grassroots level Lok Madhyam always has done great advocacy for elected women representatives of Gram Panchayat. When we started our work around project areas a stunning facts come out and that was many elected women representatives of gram panchyat never did and attend any meeting in their areas and even they were unaware about their political rights. In most of cases their husband took all decisions instead of them. It was great wall which needed to demolish immediately. It was the great challenge for the Lok Madhyam and its staffs to bring out the elected women representatives from their veil. Someone well said there is will, there is way. Day and night marathon meetings with community, people from government and political wing resulted that elected women representatives now are in full charge. They have been actively participating in decision making process and for the development of their villages.
The organization brought the mother and child health issues in the limelight. Generally, in villages’ issue of health is kicked at the corner. Lack of facilities in primary health centre encourages the high risk of mother and child mortality rate. In absence of proper care and hygiene the ratio of mortality of child and mother are at high in villages. An improper and unbalanced diet of mother, children, young lady and women severely create anemia in these section of the people. Lok Madhyam understood only healthy society can play major role in making of society. Keeping this mind Lok Madhaym started campaign and workshop on ‘Society must free from Malnutrition.’
On the other hand, we intervened for the networking and facilitation of privileges of our target group for implementation of MNREGA, Forest Act, Disability act, child labour act, right to education, HIV/AIDS training programme, Domestic violence awareness, voter awareness programme, Health and sanitation programme. We facilitated for livelihood development through vocational training and MNREGA promotional activities for employment, support to women SHGs for economic empowerment etc. The OBC, SC,ST communities are with livelihood empowered socially, economically and politically with influences of their economic gain.
Nevertheless, we are continued to our intervention towards the land and water, environment mangagement. Forest protection and making networks for issue advocacy and facilitation for entitlement of deprived sections of the society. Environment and climate change, health, sanitation and hygiene, education, women empowerment and mainstreaming the senior citizen and disables also the focus intervention area to realize our organizational dream. At last, I on behalf of, the organization and its belongings, take opportunity to thank all of ouor supporters/ stakeholders who make us easier to cover the path for realilsing our vision.

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